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臺灣男生很娘,女生認為越可愛越好 - 在臺澳洲人的看法(影片)

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"They might be behind us in everything else but in male feminization Taiwan and the rest of Asia are clearly decades in front. As a result Taiwanese girls seem to exagerate their unnatural super cute girly personas more and more, Taiwanese guys continue to push the limits of just how feminine they can get, kids are growing up with massive gender confusion issues and guys like me run around the country wondering just what the hell is going on.
Slowly this has got to change and Asian guys need to fight for their masculinity. Putting girly guys like Lin Yu Chun on a pedestal isn’t helping… BOYCOTT GIRLY MAN SINGERS LIKE LIN YU CHUN!"


"It must be hard being an Asian guy, let alone in Taiwan.
You’ve got clothes outlets doing their best to dress you star studded femininely glamorous attire.
Your girlfriend is always whinging at you to do more girly activities with her.
Your parents don’t want you to do anything remotely manly as a profession as that’d mean you’d get dark skin, which would signify you had an outdoors job and were invariably poor."


臺灣賣Hello Kitty 商品給....男生!


There’s a strong culture amongst Taiwanese girls that cuter is better. This really hits you when one day you find yourself talking to some random girl who’s apparently twenty something, but you feel like you’re staring into the eyes of a twelve year old.


And I’m not just talking about looks either. There’s a hell of a lot of Taiwanese girls who have this mentality that it’s attractive to come across as a fifteen year old virgin who’s never spent a night away from her parents house before, even when you’re pushing your late twenties.


Over the past few months I’ve been questioning where this culture comes from. Some of the girls I’ve talked to just seem to have it inbuilt into them, I guess it was passed down by their parents or something. They just tell me that it’s normal and that they like being that way, the cuter the better. It’s like some weird competition.


As a guy I can safely say I’m certainly not actively encouraging it. I can appreciate cute girls but there’s definitely an age line that some Taiwanese girls love to dance all over; sometimes it works and sometimes it’s just creepy.


I can’t comment on Taiwanese guys though as I’ve never talked to one about it. They don’t seem to fussed though to be zinging around Taiwan’s cities with girls who look like their little sisters on the back of their scooters though.


Finally, there’s the local media industry who definitely aren’t helping. I want to share with you an ad that’s been saturating Taiwan television lately.


(+10 beers to anyone who sits through the entire advertisement).


The ad is for a new car from Taiwanese car manufacturer Yulon Motor Company called the ‘tobe M’Car’. The above version is a full music clip, thankfully the ad on television is a cut version that only runs for about thirty seconds. I’m not sure if that means this is an actual official Taiwanese song or not though.

這廣告是臺灣裕隆汽車公司的新汽車,叫作TOBE M CAR,這是該廣告的完整版本,只能說,幸好電視上的廣告只有大概30秒。我不確定這是不是某張專輯裡的歌。

Part of me is secretly dreading walking into a bar one day and hearing the DJ crank this up


Despite the cutesy graphics and pre-school themes however, this isn’t an advertisement for little kids.


The legal age for driving in Taiwan is 18.


The only thing that marginally saves the M’Car ad is the little interlude about Facebook. I’ve got no idea what’s being sung but even this scene is shortlived before the girl (in her knickers) starts jumping around her living room in an outburst of random what-the-hell cuteness.


The tobe M’Car ad is aimed at young women, which is just disturbing. If Taiwanese girls are so easily distracted by a small flying elephant carrying a freaking giant lollipop, no wonder the driving in Taiwan is so bad.


What worries me is the success this ad campaign will have. Tobe have definitely done their research and this ad is going to have some massive appeal to a lot of young females over here. Whether that translates into sales or not I don’t know but at the very least it’ll re-enforce the stereotype.


The next time I’m walking arm in arm with a girl and she goes batshit crazy over some cute little dog she just saw I’ll know who to blame. And god help me if I ever get roped into going car shopping with a girl.

下次如果我跟一個女生走在一起,然後她突然因為可愛小狗狗而變得極度瘋狂時(挖~好可愛喔~),我知道我該怪誰了 (媒體)。如果我跟一個女孩去看車,拜託上帝記得救救我。

‘Yes sir this one’s got eight cylinders of sunshine, is hello kitty certified and comes with a free life sized Doraemon doll.
Optional extras include an extra 50% of dashboard space so you can display your completecollection of weird arse cutesy figurines, hundreds of star stickers and eighty three pound of glitter sprinkled randomly over the interior.’
Thanks guys, not helping.

汽車銷售員:是的先生,這臺車配備著八個陽光般的汽缸,而且是Hello Kitty授權的哦!現在買車還送一個真人大小的哆啦A夢玩偶。另外更多的還有:多50%的儀表板空間可以讓你擺滿你(怪異的)超級可愛小玩偶(如7-11搜集的),再貼個上百個星星貼紙,和83磅的閃亮亮的小裝飾在內裝...



I’m one of those people that thoroughly researches something before committing to buying it. Ask me why I bought something and I’ll usually be able to give you a quick list of what attracted me to the product.


Here in Taiwan I’ve started to notice a disturbing trend. The two most common answers I’ve received when asking Taiwanese girls why they’ve bought something are
a. ‘No reason’
b. ‘because it’s cute!’

a. 「沒什麼原因啊...」

b. 「因為它很可愛啊!」

We’re not just talking about cutsey Asian accessories here either. Literally everythingfrom groceries to clothes to electronics seems to be either impulse bought or purchased because it had a high cute factor.


Recently I was at a dinner and a girl pulled out her camera to take some photos.
It was like no camera I’d ever seen before.


The camera is a Pentax k-x DSLR and comes in at 12 mega pixels. She’d bought it during a recent trip to Japan.

這臺Pentax k-x DSLR的相機有1200萬畫素,那女生去日本玩時買的。

臺灣男生很娘,女生認為越可愛越好 - 在臺澳洲人的看法(影片)

▲Pentax k-x DSLR(圖/取自網路)

When I asked her why she bought it she told me because ‘it was cute!’
…I’m not even sure she knew it was a camera.


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